• Mehta Award
  • Krone Award


Mehta Award

The Mehta Award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the theory or application of cohesive sediment transport in the marine or aquatic environment. The award, which is based on merit only, carries a plaque and a prize of $5,000, and is normally given when INTERCOH is convened. Awardees are globally selected and are not limited to the conference themes or participants.

The award is named in memory of Jayant J. Mehta (1916-1996) by his son Ashish J. Mehta. J. J. Mehta (MS, MIT, 1939) was a pioneer in the inception and growth of the petrochemical industry in India, contributing significantly to the country’s industrial expansion starting in the 1970s. The award is given only if a suitable candidate is found. The Award Committee will indicate the basis for its choice in its letter to the awardee. Deliberations by the committee leading to the selection will remain internal to the committee whose decision will be final. The awardee will be invited to the conference to present a keynote lecture on the award topic.

Award recipients to date are noted below; for their contributions, see

  • • Johan Winterwerp
  •   - Novel and outstanding contribution to observations and insights on coastal cohesive sediment transport

  • • Michael Fettweis
  •   - Outstanding achievement related to the transport of particulate matter in shallow coastal seas and estuaries

  • • Sergio Fagherazzi
  •   - Outstanding achievement in research related to morphodynamics and sediment transport in the cohesive environment

  • • Erik A. Toorman
  •   - Outstanding research in the physics of cohesive sediment transport and service to Intercoh

  • • Carl T. Friedrichs
  •   - Outstanding achievement in research and teaching related to cohesive sediment transport

  • • Pierre Le Hir
  •   - Important contribution to the discipline of cohesive sediments over a long period

Since 2017, the Award Committee is composed of the last three awardees. For the 2023 meeting, the members are: Sergio Fagherazzi (chair) (Boston University), Michael Fettweis (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), and Erik Toorman (KU Leuven).

The deadline for nominations is about 4 months prior to the conference. For this meeting, the deadline is May 15, 2023. Nominations are welcome from anyone associated with cohesive sediment transport research or its application. The nomination package should include a letter of recommendation from the nominator indicating the basis for the choice of the nominee, biodata, and two letters of support. The entire package must be transmitted by e-mail to any member of the Award Committee (Sergio Fagherazzi (chair),; Michael Fettweis,; and Erik A. Toorman.


Krone Award

In honor of Ray Krone, one of the founders of modern cohesive sediment science and engineering, the Krone Award was established in 2005 to recognize outstanding oral presentation by a young scientist. The poster award was established as a separate honor in 2015. Selection is made by the Steering Committee based on content and presentation according to the following criteria:

  • The prize is weighted according to content: 2/3 and presentation: 1/3.
  • The prize can be won by the first author only (i.e., the presenter).
  • The referees give consideration with respect to the English language in case the presenter is a non-English speaker.
  • All participants are potential candidates, except Steering Committee members and senior scientists. These, however, may be co-authors of the winning paper.
  • The best five papers based on scientific content and the best five papers based on presentation are ranked as follows: no. 5: 1 pt, no. 4: 2 pts, no. 3: 4 pts, no. 2: 7 pts and no.1: 10 pts.

The score sheets are combined, weighted, and ranked collectively by all participating Steering Committee members.

Krone award and poster recipients to date are as follows (also see

2021 Oral : Ana Colina Alonso
Poster : Tom Ashley
2019 Oral : Kaan Koca
Poster : Rodrigo Mosquera
2017 Oral : Megan Baker
Poster : Roland Hesse
2015 Oral : Julia Moriarty
Poster : David Todd
2013 Oral : Miguel de Lucas Pardo
2011 Oral : Byung Joon Lee
2009 Oral : Bram van Prooijen
2007 Oral : Walter Jacobs
2005 Oral : Gregor Kűhn